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Leon transport services Australia Is a reliable refrigerated transport servicing all over NSW area, we reach more than 1700+ deliveries a week all around Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and other regional areas including Canberra. We are dedicated to service and responsive to a focused customer model, we can provide a high level of service to ensure repeat business.

We Transport

Leon Transport Services Australia specialises in the transportation of frozen and chilled food. We focus on maintaining the correct temperature to preserve the product freshness for all your frozen and chilled goods such as seafood, pastries, meat products, dairy products, poultry, vegetables, imported chilled food.

Deliveries to your customers?

You need products from the market, wholesaler or factory we will take it to your door, restaurant or any business that you have, just call us to cover your needs.

All your Transportation Needs

– Airport deliveries and pick ups services

– Delivery Services to all major restaurants

– Deliveries Services straight to your customers

Our logistics solutions are flexible, and can be changed to accommodate your business requirements contact us to offer your business the most appropriate transport options.

Why you should choose us!

Training & Assessment

Leon Transport Services Australia commit resources and time to training our employees, as well any independent contractors with whom we work. We also implement frequent assessments of trainings and operations.


Our experience in the Transport Industry and Food Service pride ourselves on our service ability with the timely delivery of goods to major customers our number one priority.


Customer satisfaction is among Leon Transport Services Australia highest priorities. We value your customer relationship and provide them with a high level of service to ensure repeat business.